Tender Mercy


Tender Mercy is the brainchild of Louisville, KY singer/songwriter Mark Kramer. Treading the same ground as Low and Sun Kil Moon, Tender Mercy adds a bit of subtle exploration to the slow/quiet mix.

After debuting with a track (Be Brave) on the infamous Dunkenstein Record's Doctors Of Dunk Vol.2, Dunkenstein Records also released a six song ep titled THE ROAD TO GOOD INTENTION IS PAVED WITH HELL in 2011. Hitting the road for regional weekend dates and touring, Tender Mercy released a second ep AS SOMEONE ELSE YOU EMBRACE THE MOMENT IN US on Bright Tonight Recordings in 2014.

In 2015, Tender Mercy toured to promote the February release of an ep entitled SACRED SPHINX on Carpithian Cassettes. Along with continued touring, 2016 saw Tender Mercy release a collection of collaborations with members of Louisville's finest acts called It Was You.

Tender Mercy has opened for the likes of Advance Base, DIVORCE, Bro. Stephen, Simon Joyner, Jeffery Lewis, Wooden Wand, FUGITIVE, Twin Limb and Cross Record.